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Who am I? 
Are you one of my surviving 36 descendants?
In a single night, almost all my descendants drowned in Lake Okeechobee, FL during the great hurricane of 1928. Who am I?
Who am I?
My name is Captain ___?
Barrington King and his wife, Catherine Margaret were the parents of 12 children. After the Civil War, the children of Barrington and Margaret King scattered across the U.S. looking for opportunities outside the war-ravaged community of Roswell.

Discover the history of Barrington Hall through the family ancestry and descendants. Pictured are family members. Who are they?

Friends of Barrington Hall collects genealogical history, photos of direct descendants and professionally preserves them either at the Barrington Hall or in the City of Roswell Historical Society archives. 

Are you a descendant of Barrington and Catherine King? Please contact us and share your history.

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I have more than 155 known descendants. I was a Captain in the Confederate Army serving under my father-in-law General W. J. Hardee.
On August 23, 2008, The Sons on Confederate Veterans held a ceremony at my grave site and erected a 9 foot memorial. I was called "true, noble and unselfish..." Marie Clemons was my wife.
Welcome to my home
It all started with me and my husband Barrington King. We have over 1350 known descendants as of 2004 and I lived from 1804-1887. 

My name is Catherine Margaret King.
Which Confederate Soldier am I?
Pleased to meet you, I am Reverend ___?
Married Florrie Stilwell; I joined the Confederate army under General W.J. Hardee and was a member of the Chatham County Artillery. I was seriously injured during the war and never completely recovered.
I married Anna Wylly Habersham and had 10 children. I graduated from the University of Georgia and the Seminary College at Princeton. As a Presbyterian minister, I served churches in Savannah and Columbus, Georgia for over 40 years. 
Are you related? 
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