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Once Upon a Time at Barrington Hall
Barrington Hall for Adults and Children 
Education, Tours,  & Events
All the Comforts of Home
Science and History Tour
(Kindergarten – 1st grade) This tour is geared towards Kindergarteners and first graders. During this interactive tour the children will hear the story of Barrington Hall and the way of life in the 19th century.
At Barrington Hall, we realize that engaging youth in Barrington Hall will allow the history to flourish and traditions to grow. From first-time guests to our junior docents, childrens activities are varied and focused on specific elements to peak the interests of as many children as possible.

(2nd-4th grade) and (5th-8th grade) The purpose of both of the All the Comfort of Home tours are to compare the modern comforts available today to what was available to past generations, with a focus on the technology in the 1800s (when the King family lived here). Children can see and experience what a home was like to live in with out all the modern conveniences of today. The 5th and 8th grade tour includes infor-mation on the Civil War in Roswell and how it affected the King family.
(6th-9th grade) This tour is geared towards 6th – 9th grade students. It integrates the subjects of history and science! The purpose of this tour is for children to learn about the science around them, while simultaneously experiencing history close up. Students will learn the scientific phenomena that people generations ago could experience and the ones that we can observe today. 
Some questions that will be answered on this tour include: “Why does paper yellow with age?”, “How do historians use scientific knowledge to protect historical artifacts?” and “How was soap made in the 19th century?”
** For the older grades, the general tour is also available for a reduced group rate as well.
**The Georgia Performance Standards related to our educational programs available on request.
If you have any question concerning classes, upcoming events or prices, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our friendly staff will help find the best event for you and your family or friends.
Traveling Trunks
You can rent our trunks or have us bring everything to you and teach the lesson to your class.
Rental of trunks (includes everything you need including the suggested lesson plan): $20 – one week rental $50 – one month rental

Lesson taught by a Barrington Hall Staff member - $50 for schools in Roswell and the surrounding area. Mileage costs added for locations far from the city of Roswell. Call for mileage specifics.  
Land Lottery Activity
(5th and 8th grades) This hands-on activity teaches children about the Georgia land lottery and Roswell history.  
* Our land lottery activity lesson plan is designed for a classroom with a computer with Power Point capability and a projector. If you do not have these resources, we can do a shortened version of the lesson.
Junior Docent Program
This summer marked the inaugural class of junior docents. Details about the activities, application process and time commitment are available through Barrington Hall Volunteer Coordinator Michael Sternberg at
We provide a variety of children's activities and programs including: